The Meaning Response is a psychedelic community oriented organization geared around fostering meaning in human lives and communities in order to facilitate healing and thriving. We recognize the potentially profound and transformative benefits of psychedelics, entheogens, and plant medicines in the pursuit of wholeness and as a response to an isolated, fragmented, and polarized society. We offer events in the San Diego area and integration coaching anywhere.


The term "meaning response" was coined by anthropologists as a better understanding of what we know as the placebo effect. As human beings, we imbue everything with meaning—objects, people, contexts—and it is the degree of those meanings which facilitates a physical reaction in our bodies to stimulate the innate healing mechanisms of our bodies. So, The Meaning Response—through events, coaching, and advocacy in the psychedelic/entheogenic/plant medicine space—strives to facilitate and promote meaning in our lives to catalyze healing and move towards thriving at the individual, community, and systems levels of society.