Meaning is the core principle that sparks inner healing and allows human beings to move beyond healthy and into a state of thriving. We seek to enrich our lives with meaning, connection, and purpose. Our activities and offerings are designed to aid individuals and communities in fostering meaning, experiencing meaningful connections with others, and to discover or further their unique purpose.


Healing is urgently necessary for ourselves as individuals and for society. Healing of past traumas, of relationships, of communities, and social systems. Starting with the individual and moving to the collective, we strive to aid the healing process by promoting connection. Connection oneself, connection to others, and connection to greater meaning, however that takes shape for each person or community.


Thriving is moving beyond the absence of illness and dis-ease to a state of well-being in several life dimensions (physical, emotional, social, psychological, spiritual). Thriving involves cultivating wisdom, wonder, and animated purpose and compassion in our lives. The healing journey can be ongoing—even for life—but once the process is initiated and we begin to heal the wounds that empower our limiting beliefs and behaviours, we open space to truly thrive. It is from this thriving space where we are called to give back, to lift others up, and to help transform the world around us. The Meaning Response exists to realize thriving individuals who are creating a thriving planet.